Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (CSSAAME)

Vol. XVI | No. 2 | 1996

Muslim Identity Politics: Fifty Years after Independence (Part I) Guest edited by Mushirul Hasan

Jamal Malik: Muslim Identities Suspended between Tradition and Modernity
Kalim Bahadur: Muslim Identity in the Subcontinent: An Overview
Joya Chatterji: The Bengali Muslim: A Contradiction in Terms? An Overview of the Debate on Bengali Muslim Identity
Mohamad Ishaq Khan: Kashmiri Muslims: Social and Identity Consciousness Marc Gaborieau: Varying Identities of Nepalese Muslims

Nation, Culture and Politics

Edited by Vasant Kaiwar, Sucheta Mazumdar & Michael O. West

Michael O. West: Crossing Boundaries: Research Notes on South Asians and Africans in Africa, the Americas and Europe
William G. Martin: After Area Studies: A Return to a Transnational Africa?
Richa Nagar: The South Asian Diaspora in Tanzania: A History Retold
Amina H. Adan: Women and Words: The Role of Women in Somali Oral Literature
Maziar Behrooz: The Islamic State and the Crisis of Marja�iyat
Henry F. Carey: Criminal Injustice and Mimic Democratization in Pakistan
Clare Talwalker: Shivaji�s Army and Other �Natives� in Bombay