Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (CSSAAME)

Vol. XVII | No. 1 | 1997

Muslim Identity Politics in India and Balkans: Fifty Years after Independence (Part II) Guest edited by Mushirul Hasan
Hamza Alavi: Ironies of History: Contradictions of the Khilafat Movement
Nathalie Clayer & Alexandre Popovic:Muslim Identity in the Balkans in the Post-Ottoman Period
Ivan Ivekovic: The Political Use and Abuse of Religion in Transcaucasia and Yugoslavia
Mohammad Talib: The Tablighis in the Making of Muslim Identity
Ian Copland: The Quaid-i-Azam and the Nawab Chancellor: Literary Paradigms in the Historical Construction of Muslim Identity

The Caribbean in Global Perspective Guest edited by David Barry Gaspar

David Barry Gaspar: Introduction
Dale Tomich: Spaces of Slavery, Times of Freedom: Rethinking Caribbean History in World Perspective
Michaeline A. Crichlow: The Limits of Maneuver: Caribbean States, Small Farmers and the Capitalist World Economy, 1940s-1995
O. Nigel Bolland: Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Struggle for National Libera-tion: The Caribbean Labour Congress and the Cold War, 1945-52
Tony Martin: Discovering African Roots: Amy Ashwood Garvey�s Pan-Africanist Journey
Aisha Khan: Migration Narratives and Moral Imperatives: Local and Global in the Muslim Caribbean
Shirley Gordon: God is dumb until the drum speaks: Religious Life in Jamaica before Emancipation