Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (CSSAAME)

Vol. XVII | No. 2 | 1997

Muslim Identity Politics: Fifty Years after Independence, Part III Guest edited by Mushirul Hasan

Gail Minault: Women, Legal Reform and Muslim Identity
Niraja Gopal Jayal: Secularism, Identities and Representative Democracy
Papiya Ghosh: Partition's Biharis
Shail Mayaram: Rethinking Meo Identity�Race�/Diasporas/Politics

"Race"/Diasporas/Politics Edited by V. Kaiwar, S. Mazumdar, G. Waite & M. West

Andrew Barnes: Aryanizing Projects, African Collaborators and Colonial Transcripts
Edward Alpers: The African Diaspora in the Northwestern Indian Ocean
Jacqueline Vieceli: Structural Adjustment and Democracy in the �Third World� Surendra Bhana: The Reconfiguration of Indianness in South Africa
Hassan Gardezi: The Making of the Neo-Colonial State in South Asia
Carlton Wilson: Conceptualizing the African Diaspora
Valentine Moghadam: Nativism, Orientalism and the Left

Book Review:

Emeagwali, ed., Women Pay the Price: Structural Adjustment in Africa and the Caribbean, reviewed by Gloria Waite